What data not worth put on dog tags

December 3rd, 2015
by andrzej

Dog_TagDog tags is a piece of plaque around your neck with embossed data of the person who wears it. His task was to enable the identification of a soldier who died or was seriously injured. The most common figures that were included on this plate are:


1.Name and Surname

2.Soldier Number

3.Miltary Unit

4.Blood Group



Lately, dog tags more often go from military to civilian areas. They begin to be treated as a mere decorative element. Many people wanting to keep the “military” and “utility” nature of the dog tag, affix your personal information in the hope that it may be useful to the emergency services. This action is often not only pointless (personal data of the patient is the last thing they worry about rescue units to provide assistance at the time), but it can be downright harmful. Not once, not twice met with people who have placed on his dogtag data such as:


1.Name and Surname


3.Security Number

4.Blood Group


I missed this statement still only a PIN to their credit card. In case of loss / theft of such Immortelle, our private data can get to the “black-market” circuit and be used for example in the production of forged identity cards. Placing blood group also does not make sense (beyond the aesthetic value), because no doctor will give blood without making the crossword. Equally worthless are all kinds of information cards issued by the blood centers. Before any transfusion must be carried out crossing the blood to determine the appropriate group. Much more help services when put on nieśmiertelniku number of ICE (in case emergency). This is the telephone number of the person to be contacted in case of an accident. Sam I wear a dog tag, which is stamped information:


1.Jon Snow

2.ICE Number

3.Phone Number 1

4.Phone Number 2


Well to put at least two numbers for two different people. Having carry such a number (whether minted on nieśmiertelniku whether as a suitable card in your wallet), you can quickly determine our identity and to inform the family if we were involved in some unfortunate event. Similarly, you can put information on certain diseases, such as diabetes or epilepsy (although mostly these people wear special bracelets).

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Choosing your own dog tags…

January 2nd, 2015
by andrzej

dog tags


For all Army and military fans and those who want to be there now to make yourself dog tags. The heist each can have its own special and unique dog tag design for customization and can then shape. How exactly does that even make?  For the buyer of dog tags that works quite simple and straightforward. First, one can select the material.


  •  Offer the following variety of materials :


  • Stainless SteelMatt
  • Polished stainless steel
  • World War
  • Gold Color black
  • Silver copper


If you have chosen to be material, for example a Dog Tag Stainless Steel Matt, you can enter in the configurator to 5 lines each letters and characters. A matching chain in different lengths can still choose also. Those who want can now lay still one or more silencers (Quiet maker) in the cart. That’s it, already. Who still finds an error in the preview to be ordered dog tags that can still edit it accordingly. For this you just have to “edit” button and you’re back in the page where you can change its character.  If everything is correct and has been checked then simply go back to the cart. From now on it is passed through the payment. This is actually kept so simple, I have to explain this again. It is important before the last step “Buy Now” again to check whether the custom dog tags have no errors. After pressing the button no change is possible. Exactly these characters and letters tag embossing machine are in fact now the dog is sent and stored. Now the order is processed by Dog Tag Team and prepared for shipment and usually passed on the same day of  Post. Often, custom dog tags reach the next day already the recipient.  Perhaps those who still have no real idea of embossing, which takes place here at our ideas for his dog tags something suitable.


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Dog Tag with engraving…

January 2nd, 2015
by andrzej

Dog tag is another word for dog tags. The popular and well commonly used word for dog tag is the dog tag. This dog tag is now also becoming a fashion item or a trailer with useful information. Another feature of this dog tags is the high value of the material. The dog tags are generally made of 100% stainless steel or other valuable commodities such as gold or copper.


Differences engraving and embossing.


For this purpose, the text is not placed on the dog tags on an engraving, but the text is stamped by embossing using a real embossing machine of the US Army in the dog tag. The general difference of an imprint on an engraving is that an embossing existing material is compacted and make the text more readable. In an engraving on the other hand, the existing material is excavated and there are chips from the surface, which in the Scriptures or the symbols, the surface becomes thinner.

Use of Dog Tags with an individual embossing.


The lyrics are there for the dog tags no limits to the imagination. The only limit is the generous five-line course. The text can be for example a birthday greeting or a little poem. A vow of love or loyalty oath can be a great gift. Such an individual gift is unique and keeps you at any time in your memory. Particularly suitable as a dog tag for move fans. Here is a cool move quote from the favourite move of your friends are. Other uses are as a key chain, luggage tag or mark as an emergency with information on diseases or drug allergies.



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Military dog tags You can get shape ..

January 2nd, 2015
by andrzej

The military dog tag is colloquially referred to as “dog tags” (in the English language, the word “dog tag” use). The tag is an identification tag in metal, which consists of either two parts or in one piece with a breaking point. Designed the military dog tags to identify dead soldiers subsequently can.  The Military dog tags contains various information about the soldiers. In particular fields provided the personal identification number (field no. 4) and the nationality (field no. 2) can be used. The personal identification number is as follows: 100970W61825. This number and letter combination indicates the date of birth, the first letter of the family name as well as the no. Of the army recruiting office and a check digit. The nationality is specified with DEU or older brands with GE. In addition, the blood group is stamped with Rhesus factor (box 5 and 6) on the mark. Here, the data are presented as follows: A, B, AB, or 0 and Rh Rh + or -. This information is intended primarily for first aid for a wound in the war. The vaccination for tetanus, diphtheria, polio, hepatitis, and other diseases can be specified in no. 7 box. The specification is as follows: for example, . T 2001. The letter T stands for tetanus and 2001, the number indicates the year in which wurde.Im reached the Impfvollschutz for tetanus box 3, the religion – k (Catholic), e (Protestant), o (Christian Orthodox) , isl (Islamic), JD (Jewish) – werden.Alle specified this information can be found on both parts of the military dog tags.

How will the military dog tags worn ?


The military dog tags is always worn by the soldiers on duty. Upon the death of one half of the dog tag is left with the soldiers, the other half is used for documentation and subsequent identification and is sent to the unity of the fallen soldiers or the military administration either.  The offered here at the store dog tags are worn with ball chain and after the American style of 2 identical brands hergestellt.An a longer ball chains, a mark is attached to a shorter chain the second mark is attached. One of these brands will remain on death when soldiers. The ball chain has the advantage of being easily torn off despite their robust design, so that the soldier did not strangled in dangerous situations, even. Furthermore, it can be opened in order to replace the identification tag if damaged can. The military dog tags – especially the two-part design of the United States – is equipped with so-called silencers (mufflers).. This prevents both parts noisily beat each other and thus the position is betrayed to the enemy.


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The data on the dog tag…

January 2nd, 2015
by andrzej

The inscriptions on the brand are substantially identical. Nevertheless, there are a number of minor differences. For example, the Air Force has engraved usually the first and last name, social security number, blood type and religion. These different arrangements can be selected. The US Navy uses the same information in yet another arrangement, and the US Army has its own requirements regarding the appearance of the brand.


From identifying the fashion accessory


For members of the military dog tags as it may seem incredible: From the earlier vital appendage of the soldiers now a fashion accessory for young people has become. Although the US brand recognition is still used in the global operations of the US military, young people use the brand today in order to upgrade their wardrobe a little. This, however, is done entirely with a certain background. Many young people want to be understood so little stronger and almost militant touch, but at least they want to show fashion sense and make the membership of a particular class outwardly apparent.  You can ask the dog tag is then available for their religion, their faith, or even the name of your favorite music or as an expression of inner conviction and life. The large and rustic-looking brand can also be silver or gold plated and then acts somewhat delicate and is a small piece of jewelry appropriate. Today it is from a market emerged, the individual designs are all possibilities so that you can create his own personal US dog tag as a fashion accessory.



1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dog_tag#First_World_War
2. http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sezessionskrieg
3. http://www.qmfound.com/short_history_of_identification_tags.htm


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The US Dog Tag From the dog tag for fashion accessory…

January 2nd, 2015
by andrzej



She has a remarkable development behind it: the US brand recognition. Colloquially referred to as “dog tag”, which dog tag identification fallen soldiers is a priority. For this purpose, it contains various engraved details that allow unambiguous identification of the dead soldiers. These data vary from country to country, but generally they all involve civil registration number, a country code and the blood group. Stock earlier for the soldiers a duty to support the identification tag when they are on duty, the brand recognition has become rather fashionable accessory for young people. Provided with individual engraving, it adapts to sporty and casual clothing and in adolescents and young at heart extremely popular as a piece of jewelry.


The purpose of the US Dog Tag


In American parlance called “Dog Tag”, similar to the US brand recognition at first glance is actually a dog tag. It is worn by members of the US military of all units and is used to identify dead and wounded soldiers. For this purpose, it contains important medical information, but also information on religious affiliation.

Manufacture of stainless material

US Dog Tags are usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, to remain stable and readable even in the most adverse wind and weather. In times of war – if high quality metals were no longer available – however, they were made of any metal that was somehow available. The brand is still worn with the US Military in combination with a red trailer if the soldier has a medical condition that makes a specific medical treatment. This can be seen at a glance that a particular treatment is prescribed in this wounded member of the military.  Usually the brand recognition of the US military as well as many other brands of two components, which fit together seamlessly. While half remains on the body of the fallen or wounded soldiers, the other half of his unit or his army is passed. In order to recognize the wounded or killed is ensured.


The History of the Dog Tag


American Civil War from 1861 to 1865 [2] had first mounted soldiers name and home address on paper in their jackets and coats. Alternatively, belts and other parts of the uniform with these data were labeled. The purpose was to let the survivors in the event of the case to send a message and be even easier to identify. But soon realized resourceful manufacturers the potential for this market and started to produce first pins on which the name and unit of soldiers were engraved. Often, these needles were provided with an eagle or similar heraldic animals and carried slogans such as “War for the Union” or “Liberty, Union and Equality”. The name of the soldier was engraved, his unit, and sometimes even the list of battles in which he participated. Also in World War came the US Dog Tag used. On 20 December 1906 [1], the production of dog tags for the US Army has been approved for the first time. It consisted of aluminum, the size of a half dollar piece and was correspondingly thick, and it contained the name, rank and regiment of the wearer. You always had to be worn if the soldier was on duty or was in uniform. As of 1913, the US dog tags were still optional in 1917 [3] it was in the US Army for duty to help each use.  In 1916 the design was changed. From that point on was the brand of two parts. One of the two parts was worn on the body, the other remained with the person who should be responsible in case of problems for the funeral. In 1918, [1] then a number system was introduced, which ensured that the name and serial number were engraved.  While the identification tag was first worn during World War II only by the US Navy, followed after the Second World War, the US Army and the Air Force. Today, a uniform standard is introduced, after wearing all the pillars of the American military identical trademarks with the same content.  A peculiarity comes to religion. Even in the Second World War was the use of single letters for religions “Protestant,” “Roman Catholic” and “Jewish” in use, as could be shown that it was associated with any religion. It was not until the Vietnam War, the membership was extended to other religious groups, so that from this point on additional religions could be printed. Just the religion was often but not specified, it was feared but a corpse desecration or poor medical treatment if you fell with a particular religion into the wrong hands. As important as belonging to a particular religious group it was so, so much had reason to conceal it, not to be abused because of religion.  In 1969, the Social Security number, which was added to the data immediately followed. A special feature was recorded later in the Vietnam War. Here is a small rubber coated plate between the dog tag was added, was that when walking or moving to hear any metallic noise. So could you be sure not to be heard by the enemy as fast.  A tradition has come to be until today: Fallen soldier honored at her funeral bier with their boots, rifles and their dog tag one last time.

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Dog Tags, already used by the Romans

January 2nd, 2015
by andrzej



Who is in the army, knows that every soldier receives a dog tags. This is a metal pendant which can quite easily break in the middle and the lower part has an additional small chain.



The tag has been around for thousands of years in the army. The tag facilitates natural death, the identification. But even better detection if the soldier dessertiert.


The dog tags receives every soldier immediately after the convening and there is a compulsion to wear this Märkchen continually. If the soldier to die in battle, the dog tags is broken in the middle and hung on his toe. The upper part of the identification tag is collected so that the family can be notified of the death. The tag is not new and not an invention of the Bundeswehr. The tag exists in all armies in the world and has been used by the Romans. Probably is the method of identification tag much older. It is known that at least 100 n. Chr., All identifiers were recorded at the Roman legions. This allowed for a for a Dessertation the soldier identification in civilian clothes. To start a new life is thus a soldier who left the troupe, enormously complicated. Even then, the Legionaries were given a “signaculum”, this was a lead tablet had to carry all the Legionaries in a pouch around his neck.

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VIDEO: Nam Knights provide dog tags of fallen Marines to loved ones

November 22nd, 2014
by andrzej

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November 22nd, 2014
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VIDEO: Dog tags returned to World War I Veteran

November 22nd, 2014
by andrzej

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