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What data not worth put on dog tags

December 3rd, 2015

Dog_TagDog tags is a piece of plaque around your neck with embossed data of the person who wears it. His task was to enable the identification of a soldier who died or was seriously injured. The most common figures that were included on this plate are:


1.Name and Surname

2.Soldier Number

3.Miltary Unit

4.Blood Group



Lately, dog tags more often go from military to civilian areas. They begin to be treated as a mere decorative element. Many people wanting to keep the “military” and “utility” nature of the dog tag, affix your personal information in the hope that it may be useful to the emergency services. This action is often not only pointless (personal data of the patient is the last thing they worry about rescue units to provide assistance at the time), but it can be downright harmful. Not once, not twice met with people who have placed on his dogtag data such as:


1.Name and Surname


3.Security Number

4.Blood Group


I missed this statement still only a PIN to their credit card. In case of loss / theft of such Immortelle, our private data can get to the “black-market” circuit and be used for example in the production of forged identity cards. Placing blood group also does not make sense (beyond the aesthetic value), because no doctor will give blood without making the crossword. Equally worthless are all kinds of information cards issued by the blood centers. Before any transfusion must be carried out crossing the blood to determine the appropriate group. Much more help services when put on nieśmiertelniku number of ICE (in case emergency). This is the telephone number of the person to be contacted in case of an accident. Sam I wear a dog tag, which is stamped information:


1.Jon Snow

2.ICE Number

3.Phone Number 1

4.Phone Number 2


Well to put at least two numbers for two different people. Having carry such a number (whether minted on nieśmiertelniku whether as a suitable card in your wallet), you can quickly determine our identity and to inform the family if we were involved in some unfortunate event. Similarly, you can put information on certain diseases, such as diabetes or epilepsy (although mostly these people wear special bracelets).

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Dog tags as a personal gift

November 12th, 2014

Almost everyone likes jewelry. Of course, the tastes are very different, but one or the other accessory can be found in the collection of almost every person. You still seeks a personal gift for Christmas, birthday or any other occasion for a dear friend or family member? Then try the person in us a dog tag with your personal message! To this end, we offer high quality dog tags in sterling silver, which not only feel comfortable, but also can be worn as jewelry for a long time. However, because a piece of jewelry without personal imprint is unoriginal, with us you decide, what spell or what image we should shape for yourself on the identification tag. Here your imagination are almost no limits, because we almost make every wish possible. Has the gifted person a hobby or a common shares her wisdom or philosophy of life? Then you have already found the right motif for the dog tag. Of course you can also just leave muster the name of the recipient or your name. In any case arises at the end of a very personal piece of jewelry that is guaranteed to cause a lot of joy as a gift.

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Personalized dog tags

November 12th, 2014

With us you have the choice whether your dog tag in sterling silver or stainless steel to be produced. Sterling silver is much more robust and durable than stainless steel and has a pleasant feel and a nice, natural gloss. Dog Tags sterling silver are therefore an accessory that is worn over a long period as an individual piece of jewelery. Sterling silver is high quality and has therefore a higher price. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative, then you can find us also Dog Tags from stainless steel. This material has the advantage that it is lighter and cheaper than silver to buy. Nevertheless, stainless steel has high product properties and can be worn as an accessory ideal. In addition to the material you choose, we also the personalization of brand recognition. We offer you, for example, the ways to select a logo or lettering as embossing for dog tags. What exactly should be on your dog tag, which alone decides your taste and of course also for the logo. Here you can use for example a funny drawing or design element. When writing most frequently used by our customers sayings that represent one’s life motto. But names, dates and places found on our dog tags always a place. Try now from itself, which imprint you really like for your dog tag and how the various sayings or logos appear on Dog Tags

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Dog Tags – A fashion accessory for many occasions

November 12th, 2014

Actually, they are used to recognize dogs, but long dog tags are also drawn in the fashion world and are often worn as an individual accessory. Whether you want to emphasize your outfit with an identification tag or make a good friend for an original gift, with us you get dog tags in many different designs. Cheap dog tags with fast shipping and many ways to customize You can customize and order in a few steps with us. By the way, we have for companies and operators to the rental of the corresponding machine so that your event gets an additional highlight. Search Get at us from your personal brand recognition.


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Dog tags in Battlefield 3

April 18th, 2014



Battlefield 3 has introduced a new feature that allows the player to broadcast more unique appearance of his dog tags. Allow not only to publish your nickname or statistics, which should boast. Visualize another in a very impressive way our style of play thanks to a very good and realistic sygnaturkom made. We managed to find a fairly comprehensive list of prints depicting some of the immortals that can be unlocked during the game. This is another nice Bajer, which significantly extend to many adventures with this title. Below you can see them. Warn, however, that it does not have to be a complete list. The game can be found much more metal to get.


As disclosed by the creator of the cycle in the upcoming Battlefield 3 they pass significant changes – will present not only the name of the dead, but his stats. In the latest entry on the official blog series Alan Ketz, a senior multiplayer designer in the studio DICE, revealed that Battlefield 3 dog tags are specific business card players. We will be able to choose their appearance and the fact that statistics are presented.

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Battlefield 3 Dog tags personal “calling card” players

April 18th, 2014



Dog Tags is a cool element of variety to the game on the network in the Battlefield series – players can collect them, “breaking” them from the bodies of dead enemies. As disclosed by the creator of the cycle in the coming Battlefieldzie 3 they pass significant changes – will present not only the name of the dead, but his stats.   In the latest entry on the official blog series Alan Ketz, a senior multiplayer designer in the studio DICE, revealed that in Battlefield 3 Dog Tags are specific business card players. We will be able to choose their appearance and the fact that statistics are presented.

In Battlefield 3 dog tags go beyond the mere showing name [player]. We have hundreds of versions that can be your showcase. Every time you kill an enemy, they will see your dog tag. It’s your business card – a place where you can brag; Dynamic dog tags can show how good you are at using a knife fighter, present even your personal style of play.


Changes will occur also in the process of gaining dog tags from the bodies of our victims. To them “break”, will have to be a brutal blow to kill an enemy with a knife, overlapping him from behind, not giving up when it detected. Such attacks have a look “great” – mainly thanks to the animation-inspired series of FIFA.

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