Peace of Westphalia…

August 6th, 2016
by andrzej

The multilateral system, which ended the Thirty Years’ War was one of the most important international treaties in the history of modern Europe.

Peace of Westphalia between the Holy Roman Empire and France and her allies in Münster and between the Habsburgs and Sweden in Osnabrück concluded October 24, 1648.- Adopted the provisions turned out to be unusual – emphasized prof. Henryk Wisner in the program “Chronicle of two millennia.” – It was a reflection of the emerging new political consciousness of Europe’s borders, which included the countries participating in the negotiations. First of all, it determines the placement of the text of the provisions of a transnational nature.What was the significance of the Thirty Years War and the Peace of Westphalia? Listen to the broadcast with the participation of prof. Henry Wisner.With the Czech Republic the whole of Europe- Thirty Years’ War began in 1618 as a creation of the Czechs defending their rights, especially freedom of challenges before King Ferdinand II Habsburg – said historian prof. Henryk Wisner. – After their defeat in the fight against Habsburg stood Denmark, then Sweden, Denmark and allies.Although the conflict was the ground of a religious nature that has evolved over the years. Another European powers joining the war sought through everything to weaken the power of the Habsburgs.Europe dividedEurope was divided into two camps: in one state were under the influence of Ferdinand II of Habsburg, moreover, the Papacy, Spain and part of the Reich, in the second: Denmark, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, and also part of the German principalities.- The reason for the internationalization of the conflict are religious antagonisms, centralist tendencies of the Habsburgs in Germany and the Habsburg-French rivalry – emphasized historian prof. Rafal Habielski in the broadcast Agnieszka Stecki 2001. – Not without significance was also the ambitions of Sweden, who wants to strengthen in the south of the Baltic Sea and subjected to its exclusive control.The Thirty Years War is divided into four periods, during which changed configurations vying for influence in Europe. How rolled lasted thirty years conflict? Listen to the broadcast with the participation of prof. Raphael Habielskiego.End of the warThe Thirty Years War brought many changes in Europe at the time. The Habsburgs came out of the war weakened. – They had to come to terms with the territorial losses of Germany for France and Sweden – explained prof. Habielski. – Sweden under the peace gained custody of Protestants in Lower Austria and Silesia.Much havoc has affected the Czech Republic, whose population has halved. For most of the lands of the Habsburg reigned economic stagnation. France has become a European power.


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