What is the Dog Tags engraving…

July 13th, 2016
by andrzej

engraving dog tagsA gift that will remain a memorial to his life? Often searching for such a gift, we go to a jeweler. There, among the many models of rings, necklaces and watches we try to choose something special, which will remind us of the recipient’s person. With the help comes to us the opportunity to engrave the inscription on jewelry.

Dog tags engraving is one of the oldest ways of decorating. His story does not reach all jewelry. Even primitive people they left their traces, plowing into the rock, pieces of wood, or even animal bones. For historians it is primarily a valuable source of information about our ancestors, and for jewelery additional information about the engraving. Over the years they changed both the methods and tools. Today, thanks to the development of technology, we can engrave using a computer. This process does not take as much time as before, and thanks to him we have ensured a much more accurate refinement of detail. Through all these years, however, it remained the same meaning and significance of the engraving. It allows you to leave a souvenir, an established tool on a piece of metal.

Hand engraving allows to decorate the object truly unique pattern, so that it will gain in value. On the other hand engraving using a computer-controlled machine makes it possible to perform pattern with precision, which can not be expected from the manual labor. On the other hand, we expose the gift repeatability – the same pattern can affect many identical key chains and dog tags. In recent years, it enjoys great popularity also engraving pens. It’s a good gift for example. On the occasion of graduation or promotion.

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