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July 13th, 2016
by andrzej

ICE stands for In Case of Emergency – loosely translated means in the event of an accident. At ICE hides an ordinary phone number to the next usually family or friends for persons who should be informed about the incident first. However, ICE is not just for this, to inform about the accident or other sudden and unforeseen situations although this is very important to use – the number of ICE is also a gateway to knowledge for themselves rescuers. Thanks to the fast contact with loved ones, the rescuer can get a lot of important information, even about allergies, taking medications or chronic diseases. With effective communication, increasing the chance of peeling a good and secure the provision of medical assistance.Let’s move on to the dogtags this, in turn, military IDs, which first appeared in the US Army. But already during World War I army dogtags become duty also in the armies of other countries – including army has its counterparts. For many years the dog tags minted on the model of dog tags are worn also by civilians.

The answer to this question is simple – to increase their security. Of course plate with stamped quote or other meaningless message will not help rescuers to identify you, but stamped dog tag with personally identifiable information, social security number, said outdoor ICE numbers on plaques can knock out a few numbers, marking them in order, and so on a set of the most practical. Sami rescuers admit that upon arrival at the scene of the accident did not have time to search for wallets or phones – after all, every second counts. Dog but we carry on the neck and chest, at a critical point, which always reaches a lifeguard. As a result, we gain precious seconds and pass on important information to people who might make good and sometimes even life-giving thing.Why card in your wallet or telephone number ICE is not always a good solution? One argument already quoted – it’s about time that you arrive at the scene of the accident is not. The second issue, phones are often blocked. Moreover, the current smartphones are quite fragile, so when the case is damaged. Punched plates while they are indestructible – stamped data does not wear off, and the plates themselves are skin-friendly and do not rust. These arguments suggest to wear dog tags we recommend only those struck with contact information and personnel.



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