World of Tanks – AC1 Sentinel…

March 16th, 2016
by andrzej

AC1 SentinelThe creators of the game World of Tanks helped one of the seven survivors tanks AC1 Sentinel return home, or to Australia. The unusual vehicle was transported from a private kolejkcji in Texas to a museum in Cairnes.

What is so unusual about Sentinel ? This is the only tank, mass-produced in Australia. In the days of World War II, the United Kingdom was not able to provide their colony deliveries of heavy equipment. In the face of a potential Japanese invasion of Australia built 65 tanks Sentinel, based on the British Crusader tank.

AC1 was armed with a two-pound cannon and powered by three engines V8 production Cadillac. The whole weighed 28 tonnes and although it could withstand the battle with German tanks, a challenge with Japanese vehicles should have a check. At least in theory, because the invasion never happened. Sentinel will soon appear in the game World of Tanks and World of Tanks Blitz where you will be able to try it out on the digital battlefield.


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