Trade with dog tags.. To bid for soldiers fates..

March 8th, 2016
by andrzej

For German eBayers only apparently prohibited.


Auctions of dog tags, identified as originating from missing soldiers “, since the company” not known “, it said in a statement eBay told . A plaque can eventually” from attic finds originate or away from the support to the son or grandson have been. “This statement, however, hardly convinced. As Gerhardt authority checked three offered on eBay identification numbers in a sample, it came promptly to the index cards of three already lost Landser.but very uneasy the subject seems not to be the auction organizers. For German users participating in such auctions is blocked – with two changes to the browser settings to the supposed lock can however quickly deal. For American and British co-auctioneers anyway does not change. They had, it is said in the company, contacted the German department on this issue.

Special ropes but had so far not appear: Two years ago, he had contacted eBay in this matter, says Gerhard. And although currently playing different dog tags are auctioned, there is no fixed appointment with an eBay representative.Missing persons investigator Guntram Berndt now speaks rather in Internet forums militaria lovers directly: “I have them written! People you buy identities of people The are then gone forever” Meanwhile, reports Berndt, would give him some contrite collector replied: You have indeed had no idea where the brand originated.”Vlad2308″ is now no longer registered with eBay. His dubious memorabilia he sells now reportedly about other Internet auction houses, where the so-called dog tags are also offered. On eBay, a successor has been found under the symbol “Szwarawilczyca” sold a Polish merchant equal dutzendfach dog tags German soldiers. Many of them are rusty. As if they had long lain in the earth.


Dog tags an SS paratroopers Important information for our users: This brand recognition is of course NOT in my private property. I use only this photo of dog tag found. If you should find an identification tag, please note the following: document -Fundort well Report –dogtag the German Dienstelle in Berlin or the German War Graves guiding concern and proposed If you do not do your commits Grave robbery and the identity of the fallen soldiers will be lost forever and relatives remain in the dark about its fate. I need you not certainly explain how terrible it is for a family not knowing what happened to a dear family member. Hope always dies last! So please keep an the two points and help it to resolve an unexplained fate and to give a family finally sure of the past and spiritual peace.




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