Missing German soldiers…

March 8th, 2016
by andrzej

In 1993, the “People’s League”, which was created after the First World War in Germany and had been banned by Hitler, his activities in Russia developed. At that time the activists had already found and buried the remains of nearly a half million Wehrmacht soldiers on the territory of Belgium, France and Yugoslavia under the leadership of Mathäas Gurskij.Today we are aware that the Germans who fought against the Soviet Union, even soldiers and to some extent victims of the regime were. Whatever one may take it well, they were their oath faithfully.Some years ago a military Memorial was opened behind the village Rossoschki in Volgograd. Many German families come Rossoschki, for burial place of their fathers, brothers and grandfathers, whose names are inscribed on 246 plaques. The monuments and the road to the cemetery were built for the money an Austrian citizen. Similar cemeteries plans to found the “national union” even at Novorossiysk and at Kursk.In the cemetery at Rossoschki rest around 30 thousand soldiers who once fought on this soil. Some of them bite with the teeth in every inch of the frozen ground and fought to the last man for their home. The others were uninvited come with the rifle, which had given them a terrible idea in the hand, and completely poisoned with a human nature strange thoughts about our “diversity”. This was a tragedy for both nations. Today Soviet and German soldiers have found reconciliation in brother graves in the dry earth of Volgograd.

A missing soldier…

I spread this information with the hope that there are perhaps descendants and other relatives of this German soldier, whose remains rest in Russian soil.This brand recognition has been found by the investigators in the years 1988-1990 north of the village Orlovka near Volgograd. Since both halves of the brand have been preserved, I have to conclude that the soldier who owned this brand, is registered as missing. One can assume yet that the soldier in the battle of Stalingrad in late 1942 – has fallen early 1943rdThe inscription of the identification tag is:Number: 1845Agency: 2nd Light Replacement Battery 214Blood А.With the publication of this information, I expect that there are people in Germany who are ready to assist in finding the person of the fallen soldiers, perhaps even his relatives, to give them this recognition mark as the last memory of her father, grandfather or brother Miss.To determine the identity of the soldiers, one can turn to the WASt. The German service (WASt) is in possession of a list of ALL dog tags, and can certainly notify the relevant members.In addition, you can, as I have been known to also contact the , if there are such, will be interesting to learn where their father or grandfather has fallen in this war. I know quite well the feeling that people feel in such a situation. I myself was for many years in search of the grave of my grandfather, who fought in the ranks of the Red Army and was killed on 26 July 1944 in the rayon of the city Bialystok. I can still clearly remember how my heart was racing when I received the official document from the Polish Red Cross with the Notification of the location of the funeral, as I then visited the city Bialystok, and the tears could not hold back when I stood at the grave of my grandfather, whom I knew only by the photos.do

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