What data not worth put on dog tags

December 3rd, 2015
by andrzej

Dog_TagDog tags is a piece of plaque around your neck with embossed data of the person who wears it. His task was to enable the identification of a soldier who died or was seriously injured. The most common figures that were included on this plate are:


1.Name and Surname

2.Soldier Number

3.Miltary Unit

4.Blood Group



Lately, dog tags more often go from military to civilian areas. They begin to be treated as a mere decorative element. Many people wanting to keep the “military” and “utility” nature of the dog tag, affix your personal information in the hope that it may be useful to the emergency services. This action is often not only pointless (personal data of the patient is the last thing they worry about rescue units to provide assistance at the time), but it can be downright harmful. Not once, not twice met with people who have placed on his dogtag data such as:


1.Name and Surname


3.Security Number

4.Blood Group


I missed this statement still only a PIN to their credit card. In case of loss / theft of such Immortelle, our private data can get to the “black-market” circuit and be used for example in the production of forged identity cards. Placing blood group also does not make sense (beyond the aesthetic value), because no doctor will give blood without making the crossword. Equally worthless are all kinds of information cards issued by the blood centers. Before any transfusion must be carried out crossing the blood to determine the appropriate group. Much more help services when put on nieƛmiertelniku number of ICE (in case emergency). This is the telephone number of the person to be contacted in case of an accident. Sam I wear a dog tag, which is stamped information:


1.Jon Snow

2.ICE Number

3.Phone Number 1

4.Phone Number 2


Well to put at least two numbers for two different people. Having carry such a number (whether minted on nieƛmiertelniku whether as a suitable card in your wallet), you can quickly determine our identity and to inform the family if we were involved in some unfortunate event. Similarly, you can put information on certain diseases, such as diabetes or epilepsy (although mostly these people wear special bracelets).

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