Dog tags Anthony Seroki

November 11th, 2014
by andrzej

Since the end of September 1939, the events and the collapse of the heroic defense of Hel’s been 74 years, changed a few generations. Today, almost no one remembers the war. We live, thank God, in a place like Europe, where there is no war of 68 years. Perhaps this is why some people feeling a morbid hunger, trying to cause even local conflicts, instead of trying to unite ALL citizens of our country. The exhibition 32 days of Defense Hel in our museum so you can see. “immortal” Anthony Seroki. Dog tags – metal plate is issued individually to every soldier before sending it to fight and worn on the neck. It is used to identify the soldiers in the event of their death or heavy injury. Dog tags were first used in 1965 during the Civil War in the United States of America, and introduced them to the mass use in World War I in Europe. Polish dog tags were parted in half perforations. In the case of the death of a soldier dog tag Breaking, documenting the death of the lower half, and typically you then returning it to the family of the fallen. The upper part of the Immortelle buried along with the remains of the fallen. The Polish army was recommended to the fallen soldiers that part of the Immortelle put into the mouth – between the teeth, which would facilitate identification in case of exhumation. Immortelle Anthony Seroki a copy of the model wz.1931. It is oval plate of duralumin measuring 40 mm x 50 mm thickness of 1.5 mm. On the short, transverse chord has two 14-mm incision to help break in half. It has two holes 4 mm in diameter on the upper half (the threading cord length 750 mm) and one on the bottom. Dog tag was worn around the neck under the underwear, it could not be removed in order to avoid getting lost.


74 years ago, the Maritime Police Platoon in Hel, hit 28-year-old Corporal Anthony Seroka and here he found his war. After 32 days, the defense of Hel, when the whole of Poland was already in the hands of the Germans and their support of the Russians on September 17, when it was known that the aid can not be expected to nowhere – came the painful decision to surrender. Our hero went first to a POW camp, and when released to fight the enemy in the conspiracy. In the end, the Germans defeated, it’s the end of the war, and Anthony Seroka – a man extremely intelligent, hard-working and constantly educating – joined the Polish post-war reconstruction. He has worked in rural areas for higher and higher, independent of official positions – until suddenly was, like many others in the Stalinist period, arrested by the security forces and the long-term, falsely imprisoned. ball chains After releasing and cleansing of the allegations did not want to return to the previous environments – too painful for him memories suffered injustice and cruelty. Although formal rehabilitation of bezprawiach secret police was then dangerously remember. Took on various jobs trying to support a family. It was then, 17 years after the end of the defense of Hel Seroka sat down to write memories, like many, many other soldiers of those times. He drove to the coast searching for his colleagues from those times, rummaging in the archives and consulted with the surviving officers – including defenders. It turned out that Anthony Seroki narrative talent and at the same time a great writer care have resulted in the greatest książkę- “32 days to defend Hel”. The resulting well-written book, and although very personal, it is also plainly the apparent background of all important events in the defense of Hel.


As the author himself writes, “the main source of inspiration was his own experiences, observations and thoughts,” and because of it, and the rear świetnemu narrative realities of fighting in the town of Hel, this book is so interesting. Recall Hel defended approx. 3 000 soldiers cut off in the first days of the war from the rest of the country and defending the natural, is difficult to find a “fortress” – Hel peninsula. At the base of the peninsula, in the region of today’s Władysławowa several companies of infantry Marine Aviation Squadron and later the battalion Helium from the Border Protection Corps Helium shrouded from direct attacks by the Germans, often fighting in combat. A few batteries of artillery supported the Hel Peninsula defenders and try to shoot as much as possible the prevailing German planes in the sky dog tags uk and headland battery Laskowski – 4 powerful Polish BOFORS 152.4 mm guns kept at bay and prevented the German fleet to get Hel landings. Polish fleet was destroyed almost completely already September 3 – German bombs sank the two biggest Polish units – minelayer ORP GRYF and destroyer ORP Wicher. Many troops stationed on the peninsula throughout the cook to face the landing, which did not occur. The masses of soldiers that are under constant siege and bombardment, and aware of their helplessness, waiting, waiting … In the center of the peninsula were Helskie villages full of civilians – mostly women and children, dreaming constantly of the fighting. 32-day defense of Hel cost our military almost 80 killed and died of wounds – which in proportion to the number of troops is not so dramatically represented as such. A large number of the dead, the almost forgotten Oksywie defense. To this day, stands in Hel built on the back of the street Rural house, where before the war housed a guest of “Quo Vadis”, and which in 1939 was billeted Seroka, along with his platoon.

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