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Dog tag with Prudnik

April 18th, 2014




Signs of identity appeared in the armies of Europe in the second half of the nineteenth century. The German army during the War of St . developed model Immortelle ( dog tags ) in 1917 , which with some modifications in the Bundeswehr has survived until today.German dog tags from World War II . belong to objects quite often qualities found and collected by military seekers . They can be found on the battlefields , especially in areas where disarmed the ” in the wild ” small groups of soldiers who want to avoid Soviet captivity. On the ground Prudnik Dog Tags Wehrmacht , SS , police, Volkssturm and other paramilitary organizations get to the areas that were on the front lines or remained in German hands until the capitulation of the Third Reich.Presented next dog tag from Neustadt O / S ( Prudnik ) dates from the time of World War I . This is an earlier model , which provided full personal details . In this particular case it is KURT BURKHARTT born October 4, 1895 , the soldier was drafted into the two spare Battalion 62 Infantry Regiment in Prudniku in Upper Silesia and stored in the registry under the number 8 seaterInterpretation shortcut JB or IR ( Infanterie Regiment = Infantry Regiment ) is a trivial problem for explorers . According to experts on the subject of Alexander Rostock JR abbreviation is often mistakenly read as Jäger Regiment which regiment of riflemen ( jegrów ) . On the German dog tags Jäger name was usually shortened as JAG . or Jg. The surest way to verify the name of the unit is to check the number in the studies of the German army.In most cases the identity of the German characters appear the names and numbers of school units and spares, in which a soldier held training before being sent to the front. By law the number of the backup ( the school ) should be identical to the number of combat units . However, often former soldiers spare units were sent to other units. Especially then , when the situation at the front was critical. To fight as infantry pchano everything available: convalescents , recruits , cadets NCO schools , especially soldiers in other specialties .The author of this note is not entirely sure if other data on the dog tag means the place of residence of soldier in Dresden Street. Stars of the Leipzig No. 54 ( Leipzigersterne ? ) , Especially if properly translated the name. If someone correct me , I’ll be grateful to him .Dog tag Burkhartta Kurt was found along with others, and half of the third in the training ground and a large training camp (as well as a camp for prisoners of war, two world wars ) in Łambinowice ( Lamsdorf ) . All three dog tags related Prudnik and 62 Infantry Regiment . As has been found in this place, probably formed part of an archival deposit graph . A number of returning from the bondage of the former German prisoners of war passed here in the years 1919-1922 in quarantine after repatriation.Signs of identity in the case of finding them , along with the remains of soldiers usually are only able to identify the dead . They also allow you to notify the family of missing without a trace . In this particular case the dog tags from Prudnik were found “in bulk ” . So there was no sense of notification of relevant institutions involved in the identification and burial of the remains of German soldiers ( the Foundation “Remembrance ,” or Deutsche Dienststelle ) .Michael from Gogolin thank you for sharing associated with the history of the garrison in Prudniku finds. Another dog tag with Prudnik was exhibited recently at an online auction eBay.I guess we will never know what was the fate of the soldier Burkhartta . Presumably, I survived the war. At the end of World War II was about 50 years. According to the decree of Hitler of 25 July 1944 will be available for service in one of the 4 categories of personal militia ( Volkssturm ) . Perhaps you live somewhere descendants of his family. Life and history are full of secrets. Only a small part inherent in found objects manages to unravel the mysteries of the end. Maybe this time to the authors ‘ archive explorer ” smiles happiness .

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Dog tag American pilot..

April 18th, 2014



Seventh October 1944 William H. Flannery , an American bomber pilot had to drop bombs on the factory gasoline in the Police.Approximately 13 hours the machine has been hit by the Germans. The bomber crashed while later around Lagenbergu , today the Holy . – History of the bomber was interested in January – says Dariusz Szaliński , president of the Association of Police ” Treasure” , which brings together enthusiasts of the history of this region. – In the vicinity of dances found in fact immortal American soldier . We contacted the association of bomber crews , which explains the fate of U.S. soldiers missing in action during the last world war activities . It turned out that Lieutenant John G. Schloendon a B17 bombardier said . His name is on the plate missing on the American military cemetery in the Netherlands.Americans today explain the fate of his soldiers , do not save it money and time. Last Thursday, the Police came to the members of this association .- John A. Gray and Cory D. Damm told about the history of the aircraft , the fate of the crew, about what they were able to determine – continues Jacek Porzeziński the Association Treasury . – So far, they have failed to explain the fate of , and determine the possible burial place about 30 U.S. soldiers missing in actions of war in Western Pomerania .With a 10 – person crew still missing are recognized : pilot William H. Flannery , co-pilot Jewel W. Lowrey , Duane E. Stowits radio operator , flight engineer Lloyd K. Lagasse and of John G. Schloendon , whose dog tag found in the surrounding gum .Navigators Paul Moll dog tags , Morris Arnovitz , Raymond G. Moon, waist gunner George Les Petty and the tail gunner Walter C. Strosser were captured .- The Americans were able to determine , based on the testimony of soldiers bombers and other documents preserved in the archives of the German , that one of the soldiers bomber jumped out of a machine that previously had been hit – adds Dariusz Szaliński . – He did not open his parachute . Whether or jumped , or was injured at the moment, or kicked him catapult , is not known . He could die falling to the ground, he might as well be dead fatally hit in a bomber . These are only hypotheses .Americans came to the Police to determine the burial place of the bombardier Schloendona . Visitors from the United States have one track . Located the tomb , where perhaps a soldier buried their army.

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Dog tags in Battlefield 3

April 18th, 2014



Battlefield 3 has introduced a new feature that allows the player to broadcast more unique appearance of his dog tags. Allow not only to publish your nickname or statistics, which should boast. Visualize another in a very impressive way our style of play thanks to a very good and realistic sygnaturkom made. We managed to find a fairly comprehensive list of prints depicting some of the immortals that can be unlocked during the game. This is another nice Bajer, which significantly extend to many adventures with this title. Below you can see them. Warn, however, that it does not have to be a complete list. The game can be found much more metal to get.


As disclosed by the creator of the cycle in the upcoming Battlefield 3 they pass significant changes – will present not only the name of the dead, but his stats. In the latest entry on the official blog series Alan Ketz, a senior multiplayer designer in the studio DICE, revealed that Battlefield 3 dog tags are specific business card players. We will be able to choose their appearance and the fact that statistics are presented.

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Battlefield 3 Dog tags personal “calling card” players

April 18th, 2014



Dog Tags is a cool element of variety to the game on the network in the Battlefield series – players can collect them, “breaking” them from the bodies of dead enemies. As disclosed by the creator of the cycle in the coming Battlefieldzie 3 they pass significant changes – will present not only the name of the dead, but his stats.   In the latest entry on the official blog series Alan Ketz, a senior multiplayer designer in the studio DICE, revealed that in Battlefield 3 Dog Tags are specific business card players. We will be able to choose their appearance and the fact that statistics are presented.

In Battlefield 3 dog tags go beyond the mere showing name [player]. We have hundreds of versions that can be your showcase. Every time you kill an enemy, they will see your dog tag. It’s your business card – a place where you can brag; Dynamic dog tags can show how good you are at using a knife fighter, present even your personal style of play.


Changes will occur also in the process of gaining dog tags from the bodies of our victims. To them “break”, will have to be a brutal blow to kill an enemy with a knife, overlapping him from behind, not giving up when it detected. Such attacks have a look “great” – mainly thanks to the animation-inspired series of FIFA.

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