MiG-29 “Fulcrum” ( 4 )

November 21st, 2013
by andrzej



Development versions:


Already in the early 80’s , after the experience of testing the initial version of the combat aircraft ( Izwiedije 9-12) , began trials with the new , more ambitious variants of the MiG -29 . The Russians quickly figured out that the successful design of the aircraft gives a really great opportunities . In the mid- 80’s , in connection with the aforementioned tasks wmocno limited scope of the MiG – 29A , which resulted from certain weaknesses of the original version , ie the lack of portability of modern weapons guided air-to- air , and too short-range , there was an urgent need with advanced multi-role aircraft variant , with increased compared to the MiG – 29A combat capabilities . Besides these limitations resulted from wspominanej aircraft previously , initially estimated as the doctrine of the use of light aircraft , fairly cheap and easy to use front fighter . A newer version would be the equivalent of multizadaniowych NATO fighters (such as F-16D/E/F ) and fill the gap left by aging and most have already withdrawn fighter- bomber aircraft MiG- 27 and SU-17/20/22M3 . Meanwhile, a already on 23 December 1980 flew the first modified version , designated Izwiedije 9-13. From the outside, he threw himself into his eyes magnified ” hump ” plane , set the main fuel tank enlarged and additional electronic modules . The aircraft received a new, better radiolocator , modern alarm systems and much expanded range of weapons , mainly air-to- air. In the USSR, a new variant received designation MiG- 29S , NATO and – MiG -29 ” Fulcrum C”. His limited production started in 1990. However , this machine still had a limited range of tasks , she could not because , just as its predecessor, successfully attack ground targets . Thus, February 13, 1985 was the first test flight version of the MiG -29 multi-tasking – Izwiedije 9-14, better known under the designation MiG- 29SM . It’s basically an extension MiG – 29S with the opportunity to attack the cell count . This prototype gave rise to the later upgrades to aircraft which are then implemented in the prototype of the new machine MiG- 29M ( Izwiedije 9-17 ), which is the most advanced version of the MiG -29 . In turn, in 1986 began testing the fighter’s naval version , designated MiG- 29K . Aircraft assigned to the new Soviet aircraft carrier Varyag class and Tbilisi . More information about this option, wrote in a separate article in the Department of Naval Aviation . Here I present a brief description of each of the known development versions of aircraft: MiG- 29UB ( 9-03 Izwiedije ) – Two-seat trainer – combat version . In comparison to the variety of single-seater MiG -29 had a very simplified system for weapons , did not have radar and ejectors aluminum foil package and flares . In addition there was prolonged by about 100 mm . Aircraft built in tandem , the crew members were sitting one behind the other : cadet at the front and the instructor behind. If necessary, the instructor may, at any time completely take over the controls . Aircraft took its first flight on April 29, 1981 year. Production started in 1982 . A total of 197 were built machines of this type, of which about 40 is used by the Russian Air Force . MiG- 29S ( Izwiedije 9-13) – In this version significantly raised the possibility combat aircraft , particularly in air combat . From the outside, the machine stands enlarged ” hump ” , located extra fuel . These changes have major electronic modules and weapons systems . Also improved aircraft design and flight control system . MiG- 29S received a new radiolocator NO- 019M ” Topaz “, with the possibility of simultaneous guidance, two missiles on two different objectives. In comparison with the N -019 radar of the MiG – 29A , any defects predecessor, the new model has been adjusted. Further changes in the electronic gear is active interference station Gardenia -1 , a new information system in -cab warning Almaz , replacing an older unit SOP- 15, and the next version of the device ” its foreign ‘and IFF interrogator . In addition, the version of the MiG- 29S greatly expanded range of weapons air-to- air : The aircraft was equipped with the most modern medium-range missiles R -77 ( with an active homing head ) , directed infrared R- 27T , and the newer varieties of missile R-27 with enlarged range : R- 27RE and R- 27TE . The result is increased flight range (up to 2200 km ) and thus increased takeoff weight ( up to 20,000 kg) and increased weapons payload ( up to 4,000 kg) . These changes MiG- 29S machine was much more serious than its predecessor , the MiG – 29A . The prototype of this aircraft was flown on the 23rd December 1980 by W. Gorbunowa , but its serial production began only in 1990. This variety is built exclusively for the use of the Russian Air Force . The Soviet Air egemplarzy hit a total of 48 aircraft of this version . In 1992, production of the MiG – 29S was stopped for financial reasons . After the collapse of the USSR in the Russian Federation was probably 28 aircraft of the variety and the others were in Ukraine. MiG- 29SD ( Izwiedije 9- 13SD ) – Export version MiG – 29S , developed specifically for the Malaysian . The machine is different from the version of the MiG- 29S slightly modified electronic modules . The aircraft was limited built this system permanently active interference Gardenia -1 and observation systems IRST . Malaysian air force received 16 aircraft of this type in late 1993 and successfully utilize them to this day alongside American F- 16A / B and F- 16C / D. MiG- 29SE ( 9- 13SE Izwiedije ) – Further expanded export version MiG – 29S , originally designed for the formation of the Russian aviation front . This version has also been sold to Malaysia. Just like its predecessor , the changes included electronic blocks . MiG- 29SE is equipped with a modified radar N-019M/ME , electrical system KCA -3 , as well as improved flight control system ECS . SD variant has a higher radio- interference system , integrated with warning sensors . At the request of Malaysia in western model aircraft installed IFF system and tactical navigation systems . Currently, Malaysia is trying to Russia to purchase and equip their aircraft with the latest missile R- 77 . MiG- 29TVK – A specially modified variant of the MiG -29 test for testing on an aircraft carrier . For this purpose the machine is equipped with a special hook to land , reinforced chassis and a set of refueling in the air. Aircraft did not have the mechanisms to make the wings . MiG- 29TVK was the ancestor of the sea is being developed multi-role fighter for the Russian Navy – the MiG – 29K . MiG- 29K ( 9-15 Izwiedije ) – Sea -purpose fighter aircraft designed for the Russian class Tbilisi. This aircraft has been much discussed in greater detail in a separate article published in the Department of Marine aircraft . MiG- 29M ( Izwiedije 9-17) – This is so far the most modern and the most ambitious variant MiG -29 . Russian engineers were tied to his czsu with this design very high hopes . The prototype of this variety was flown in June 1992 . The new aircraft has a redesigned hull with a reinforced structure. He received elektroniczy modern flight control system : a system of artificial stability ( ” Fly- by- Wire” ) and a Tumański modified engines RD- 33K ( originally designed for the MiG – 29K deck ) with increased ciągu.Bardzo modern , complex equipment makes the new fighter extremely versatile . Dashboard MiG – 29M has been thoroughly modernized, primarily through the installation of two new multi-function display , newer style throttle and the upgraded head-up display .( dog tags ) Weapons suspended on eight arms under the wings (where previous versions had their 6 ) In addition, the capacity of weapons has been increased to 4000 kg . A range of new aircraft armament is impressive. In air combat , in addition to the standard missile R -73 and R- 27R , the aircraft received new missiles : intermediate-range R- 27T , R- 27EM , R- 27AE and higher R -77 , as well as long-range R- 27RE and R- 27TE . Similarly is the armament air-to- ground : in addition to the standard undirected weapons can carry modern weapons led : air -to-ground missiles general 25ML CH- CH- 25MTP , CH- 29TE , CH- 29L and bombs targeted KAB – 500T and KAB – 500kr . The combat missions defense could use 4 most bullets antyradiolokacyjne CH- 31P or older CH- 25MP . The machine is also able to operate such missiles, air-to- water type CH- 31A and CH -35 . MiG- 29M thanks suspended fuel tanks is about 1.5 times greater range than their predecessors. New Beetle radiolocator type N -010 /1 is able to locate targets both in the air and on the ground and is able to create such site map. In air combat radiolocator a powerful asset fighter : N -010 radar can simultaneously aim for four rockets in the direction of four different cell. MiG- 29M was also interfering with radio- active systems Gardenia -1 , a new IFF and complex warning systems opromienowaniem rararowym L -150 , which automatically starts the active interference and dropping packets of aluminum foil and flares . Aircraft , together with the SU -35 is the first Russian design , which introduced the principle HOTAS system that is fully automated , which makes the pilot all the steps in the fight against air carries virtually without removing his hands from the throttle and joystick . With these modifications, the MiG- 29M is probably the best lightweight multipurpose fighter plane in the world, surpassing the combat capabilities such Western structures as the F- 16D or even the Swedish JAS -39 Gripen or British Eurofighter 20000 . A total of six prototypes were built MiG – 29M . Unfortunately , the Russian air force did not have the necessary funds at the moment to put into service. And it seems that the majority of which are in the service of the MiG -29 will be modernized rather standard for ” compromise “, a cheaper design : MiG – 29SMT . At the same time it seems quite odd to an intention to continue the work on the much more expensive SU- 27M , the possibilities of combat is not much better than just a modernized MiG – 29M . MiG- 29m2 ( Izwiedije 9-17-2 ) – Despite the fact that the future of the MiG – 29M is very uncertain, but he served as the progenitor of his hypothetical seater versions , designated MiG- 29m2 . Concept two-seater MiG – 29m2 differs significantly from the solutions adopted in Migue – 29UB and its modifications – called MiG- 29UBT . , As in the previous wcielenu ” slits ” for the second cockpit crew member provided at the expense of the bow . This was reflected in such significantly reduced the dielectric cover , so in Migue – 29UB not used radar . The idea used in MIGU – 29m2 points received by OKB trend in the design of aircraft Sukhoi SU- 27UB and SU -30 and its derivatives. This solution predusponuje MiG – 29m2 for tasks that go far beyond the capabilities of not only the school MiG – 29UB , but also the MiG – 2UBT , because new aircraft , like the SU- 27UB two-seat , is able to demonstrate the full value of the combat , similar to single-seater version . It happened unfortunately at the expense of slightly pomniejszongo fuel. Plane was staged for the first time on Air MAKS’2002 and since then induces strong interest . It is known , among others the foundation for his aiming system is a beetle radiolocator N -010 /1 , adapted from the MiG – 29M . In principle it is also used HOTAS . So will the changes predispose to the MiG – 29m2 przprowadzania combat missions unattainable for the MiG – 29UB . It is a full-fledged aircraft , so in addition to carrying out raids is also able to perform the tasks in the service patrol , air defense , and take part in opreracjach wywalczania air superiority . Undoubtedly , as in the case of the MiG – 29M and in connection with the sale of modernized MiG – 29K with the Indian Navy aircraft carrier ” Admiral Gorshkov ” and the fact that indigenous forces put , mainly because of lack of money , the modernization of the already park aircraft , engineers expect primarily upon orders from abroad . MiG- 29SM , SMT ( Izwiedije 9- 14SM , 9- 14SMT ) – It is a modern variant of the MiG – 29S multi-task , largely based on it anyway . Like his predecessor , he also stands out sitting back. The most important changes in stonunku to version A are newer avionics , advanced weaponry , and modified airframe design . The machine was first flew in November 1997. In Migue – 29SMT installed two new Intel 486DX33/40 board computers designed to control the new avionics . In a completely new cockpit mounted two digital LCDs MFI- 68, at the request of the remote display any type of data . Kounikacyjne Devices R -862 , a satellite navigation system and tactical are supported with a small desk with a miniature screen placed on the right side of the cockpit. Modernization has also nachełmowy distributor purposes and translucent HUD display . In this variant also uses the principle of HOTAS . MiG- 29SMT was modernized radiolocator of the MiG – 29S . Radiolocator N- 019MP Topaz has an enlarged coverage , it is very difficult to fault, and could also include create a map of the area , useful for navigation and homing air -to-ground missiles . In the case of a modern multi-role fighter too means of brief radius of action is also very important limitation. In the case of the MiG – 29SMT its flight range has been increased to 2200 km by installing the ” back ” of additional fuel tank . In addition, it received the installation of refueling in the air and the possibility of suspending the two additional tanks under the wings , and one between the engines . In this way, the maximum flight range was extended up to 3500 km . MiG- 29SMT is also equipped with a sophisticated system of communication between other units , like the NATO-led network of JSTARS . As the MiG- 29SMT is a multi-purpose aircraft , major changes have affected a weapon : in addition to the new missile air-to- air (R- 27TE , R- 27RE and R- 77 ) was also a wide range of modern weapons air-to- ground : CH- 29L rocket and CH – 29TE , rockets przeciwradarowe 25MP and CH- CH- 31P , bombs targeted KAB – 500kr , and KAB – 500T , and rocket przeciwokrętowe CH- 31A . Radar board is integrated with all the sensors and infrared cameras placed in the heads of bombs and rockets. Arm mounted on six arms into wings . So, in summary, all of these changes predispose the MiG – 29SMT to perform tasks far beyond the capabilities of frontal fighter MiG- 29A . This variety of equipment allows MiGowi – 29SMT the destruction of the cell count , both stationary and mobile , far behind the front line . Obecie MiG- 29SMT a pattern , a kind of standard for , for a future most of the others in the Russian Air Force MiG -29 is to be upgraded , because the better , and also more expensive Russian MiG – 29M aircraft for the time being does not have the necessary funds . The planned second phase of modernization will reach engineers endeavor to further increase the range , this time thanks to a new , more economical engines Klimov RD -133 . They are modified RD -33 , equipped with inter alia a guided three-dimensional vector sequence, which ensures MiGowi – 29SMT supermanewrowość this level , they represent the SU -37 and SU- 30MKI two-seater . Reference to the desired effect especially at subsonic speeds . The future of such a solution seems to be very uncertain because it is very expensive and requires a new electronic control system . Probably just upgraded MiG – 29SMT will go exclusively for export , while Russian aircraft due to a chronic lack of funds opt for machines with less scope changes. The new engines will be established in the Russian fighters much later when there’s a need to replace worn- RD -33 units . Currently, it is planned to carry out the modernization of about 150 MiG- owned equipment to the construction of class 29A MiG – 29SMT . They fill an important gap formed just after the rolled-back fighter- bomber MiGach -27 and SU- 17M4 , and will assist the aging SU -25 and SU- 24M . It is expected that the acquisition of MiG – 29SMT of tasks shock should address the disparity currently prevailing in the Russian aviation hardware (too many fighters , not enough attack aircraft ) . For the future, developed their tactics of cooperation with the new tactical bombers SU -34 . MiG- 29UBT ( Izwiedije 9-33 ) – The experience drawn from the work on the jiffy – 29SMT used by another machine – Migue – 29UBT ( modernization of combat training- UB ) . The aircraft has to be with założnie oriented , in addition to training the cadets , especially in combat missions . Thus, in contrast to his predecessor, he has received extensive avionics : small wasp radar system placed in the nose , complete with radar graph , placed in a suspended tray . The front cabin is the same as in Migue – 29SMT , while the rear is equipped with a big screen TV . It shows the student’s behavior when flying school , as well as the image of the weapon system when flying combat missions. MG- 29UBT can carry both air -to-air weapons and air televised targeted land , as well as missiles przeciwradiolokacyjne . The airframe was modified as in the case of the MiG – 29SMT – on the back was an additional fuel tank with a capacity of 2020 liters. The future of the MiG – 29UBT is also very uncertain and also must be based primarily on export contracts , since it seems doubtful that in connection with the modernization of the single-seater MiG – 29A , the start of the series SU -34 bomber and a new attack helicopter , the Russians found him funds . So probably only a small amount used MiG – 29UB is upgraded to this standard. MiG- 29OVT – Presented , together with a jiffy – 29m2 experimental aircraft with engines Klimov RD -133 , on Air MAKS’2002 , serving as a demonstrator ciągy vectoring capabilities of the system . In short, thanks to the successful MiG -29 upgrades are probably long remain one of the top fighters in the world . A very successful design of the airframe, combined with modern avionics and weapons make the Russian fighter persists virtually any combat capabilities of lightweight 4 + generation fighters . Its certainly a very high quality in combination with a rather low price , much lower than the best and newest American light fighter F- 18E / F ” Super Hornet ” are still a major export advantages . The Russian aviation adapted to the new requirements of the MiG -29 will be used for a long time because, until 2025 , and perhaps even longer , as his successor LFI ( equivalent of the U.S. Joint Strike Fighter ) is only on the drawing boards , and it is still a long way off .

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