MiG-29 “Fulcrum” ( 2 )

November 21st, 2013
by andrzej



Description of the structure:

The general technical characteristics present in the primary example , the most commonly found version described aircraft – MiG – 29A ( Izwiedije 9-12) , also operated by the Polish Air Force . As I mentioned above, the assumptions engine builders have become an effective counterweight to the U.S. F- 15 and F- 16, which included just to equip NATO aviation . However, unlike the F -16 ” Falcon “, which was designed as a versatile fighter , the MiG -29 ” Fulcrum ” was the front light fighter , having used primarily for wywalczania air superiority and attack aircraft escort . The fighter is able to operate at any time of the day or night , with very adverse weather conditions, as well as in conditions of strong radio-electronic combat . Aircraft built high-wing configuration , with double vertical stabilizer and the wing band pass . Inflows wings bevel angle of 73 degrees, the lift of -3 degrees incline leading edge 42 and trailing edge 9 degrees are related structurally and functionally to the hull which will allow kind of get the effect of their confluence with the machine. They over run in the central part of the integrated fuel tanks with a total capacity of 700 liters. Generally, the MiG -29 airframe is made primarily of metal , including aluminum alloy ( Duralumin and Litala ) and magnesium , and titanium. However, in order to reduce its weight in certain areas also uses a special high strength composite materials . The individual elements of the structure are connected by rivets or welding arc . The basic structure of this aircraft was made in the semi-monocoque metal system and steering components used plates glued honeycomb filler . Radio systems deflectors are made of permeable materials for electromagnetic waves. MiG -29 is known for its very high aerodynamic excellence , combined with good engines give it incredible maneuverability, much better than the above mentioned post. This variety has been built in three podseriach , in each of them uses small changes. MiG -29 has two turbojet type Tumański RD -33 of the 8300 kg each. Supply of fuel in internal tanks is 4640 liters. Despite the initial problems przedseryjnych prototypes , the abovementioned drivetrain after rigorous correction proved to be extremely successful. Its advantage is a very simple design and relatively low fuel consumption . Also, the service is not too much trouble natręcza ground staff . This can confirm the fact that the exchange of one of the drive unit by a qualified engineer is no longer than 45-50 minutes ( for comparison – the F- 16, such an operation would take about 10 hours). Russian fighter can in addition to fly with only one engine running. Drive Tumańskiego gave him a high speed both in level flight and during the climb , and great acceleration, very useful in direct combat . MiG -29 is capable of immediately after starting to rise straight up , in addition, gradually picking up speed , and perform death-defying stunts (including the famous ” slide on tail ” ) . Noteworthy is designed very carefully and with great ingenuity system to the engine air intakes . In addition to the main inlets located under the fuselage , also built over the base of each of the wings additional slot openings . As powerful system effectively prevents the engine of any stones or dust from the runway . The chassis is raised, the system trójpodporowym . Shin chassis fitted with a double front wheel KT- 100 with dimensions of 570x140mm . , And the main landing gear of the oil- air cushioning , equipped with tubeless tires KT -150 with dimensions of 840x290mm . So successful system air intakes and a solid chassis predispose ” dwudziestkędziewiątkę ” to use the makeshift airstrips . Russian konstrukorzy ultimately chose not to install the electronic control system ” fly-by -wire” , equipping it with a classic hydraulic flight control system . Perhaps this was done so that the Soviet work on these modules were still much less advanced than those conducted in the United States . Thus tail is pivotable by means of mechanical systems with hydraulic . Another , perhaps the most important innovation in the new plane was quite modern , integrated fire control system and the detection and tracking of the cell. It includes : – A complex radar RLPK -29 ( Radiolokatsyjonnij Pritselnij complex ), including Doppler radiolocator N -019 ” Topaz ” ( sometimes also designated S -29 ) with the ability to ” look down / shoot down ” (ie, cell capture flying below the plane , on the ground ) . The system is controlled by two on-board computers C100.02 -02. Search range in the tracking mode childbearing (depending on the target size ) ranging from 70 km (if the purpose is detected fighter ) to a maximum of 140 km ( for example, if the contact is a bomber B- 52). The device is able to track up to 10 contacts at a time with automatic selection of priority by the on-board computer . Maximum radar scan cone is 68 degrees to the sides and, respectively 60 degrees up and 38 down. Unfortunately, radar has some serious limitation , namely, can also direct the only one missile R- 27R to one specific purpose. In addition radiolocator N -019 ” Topaz ” after locking the selected destination is unfortunately not able to observe other objects. – Opto-electronic and navigational and combat system OEPrNK -29 ( Optiko – Elektronnij Pritselno – Navigatsjonnij complex ) , współpracyjący with radar onboard . The complex comprises successively electro- optical tracking system cell OEPS -29 , the navigation system SN -29 , a digital computer C- 100.02 -02 weapons control panel SUO – 29m2 , and data presentation system SYel – 31E2 , working closely with the modern display a translucent HUD ILS -31, mirrored by a factor of IPW -2 . Electro- optical system OEPS -29 ( Optiko – Elektronnij Pritselno Sistema ) has been quite successful. MiG- 29 is the world’s first fighter having this type of module . It allows you to detect and track a cell in passive mode without using radar . With it, you can not locate the aircraft through the interception of radio waves emitted by the radar . And because , as I mentioned above , it is a passive system , so use it to the crew of enemy aircraft, even though active warning devices do not have the faintest idea that is being tracked . The system has a range of 35 km . The system is integrated with a laser rangefinder KOLS – 29 and nachełmowym distribution system and to identify the cell tight – 3um , allowing the fight bezpośredeniej to refer to the target missile deviated up to 60 degrees from the axis of flight fighter . It is a very effective weapon in a rich arsenal of fighting MiG -29 , especially when used with reliable air -to-air missiles R- 73, with the opinion of the best in its class. The navigation system includes the SN -29 ARK -19 radio compass , an automatic landing system A- 323 , autopilot SAU -454 signals and a receiver with a marker at the airport A -611 . Additionally, the equipment includes instrument panel multifunction color display MFI -35 with a system diagnostic SCREEN , desktop CP -31 control screen speedometer US- 1600- 1 , tachometers ITE – 2TR engine , the fuel gauge ISTR4 -4- 2E- 01 and the distribution system PUR -board weapons . The aircraft contained in the analog communication system and data transmission E502-20/04 Turquoise includes: a communication device employed interchangeably in VHF / HF R- 862 , IFF ” us / them ” type of SRO -2 working with IFF interrogator system type SRZ -15 . Unfortunately, the analog data link used in Migue -29 are quite weak compared with those used in aviation NATO universal digital data transmission systems JTIDS and JSTARS ( tactical data exchange between all those who are able to use them ) that are installed m.in . the plane F- 16C / D. This gives the pilot a large informational advantage over the F- 16C pilot the MiG -29 , as it can independently and quickly find themselves convenient to the moment of attack . – Kompeks warning SIREN -3 containing a warning system opromienowaniem SPO- 15M Bierioza , working with two kickers flares and aluminum foil K- 11E . Each tray contains the 30 standard -type flares PPI- 26 and a film PPR -26 . There is also the possibility of suspension under one of the pylons standard tray -type active jamming SPS -141 . Uzbrojemiem basic MiG -29 into air combat missiles have become air-to- air medium-range R- 27R ( directed semi- active radar ) missiles R-60 ( directed passive infrared ) , later superseded by a much more modern R -73 ( guided passively IR), with integrated thrust vectoring system and additional control surfaces . The pilot training school are missiles UZR and UZR -60 -72 . Today, more and more began to use the newer medium-range missiles R- 77 . All equipment is mounted on pylons under the wings 6 . Cannon armament of GSH- 301 with a caliber of 30 millimeters. This weapon , which , in practice, the derivative plot 2A42 type of transporter BMP-2 , charakteyzuje very high prarametrami . Initially , even during testing , were caused her a lot of trouble , stuttering often after several strałach .( dog tags  )Due to the very high accuracy and the ability to plot targeting a number of modes, including using the on-board computer automatically metering amendment was that ammunition , amounting to 100 units is quite sufficient. Decided to its practical application . The missile , compared to the same six – barrel missile plot M -1120 Vulcan 20mm caliber , which is the standard weapon of U.S. fighter -board is 3 times larger and has about 1.6 times the initial speed. In addition, the aircraft can carry a limited extent, due to its particular purpose , unguided armament air-to- ground , such as unguided missiles S-5 , S -8 , S -13 , S- 24 and S -25 , and also charge a bomb with a total weight up to 3000 kg ( including general purpose bomb FAB series , and a series of bomb ZAB , PB , OFAB , containers and KMGU RBK ) . The entire set of arms is mounted on six underwing pylons , including four small APU – 68 and two larger APU -470 . The Achilles heel of the aircraft ‘s flight path is quite small , amounting to 1430 km . However, you can enlarge it by additional external fuel tanks. The 1500 liter tank zaintalowaniu type PTB -1500 between the engines , aircraft range increased to 2000km . You can also install additional two 1100 liter tanks type PTB -1100 on underwing pylons , but this time at the expense of weapons. So the range of machines with 3 additional tanks would be around 2800 km . The fighter is equipped with automatically lockable samohermentyzującą the cockpit . Air conditioning system is used , depending on the prevailing conditions, cold air and warm chords supporting the spężarki engine . The cockpit ejection seat installed K-36DM/2-06 standard , used also in several other Russian aircraft (such as the SU -27 ” Flanker ” ) . In an emergency situation , after pulling the handle doubled , the pilot is automatically imported into the optimum position and immobilized . It even has the ability to automatically eject without pilot intervention . This is perhaps the best model of the pilot’s seat in the world. Effectively work with any speed attained , and virtually any altitude .

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