MiG-25 Foxbat ( III )

November 21st, 2013
by andrzej



although the prototype E – 155P -1 , which is the direct ancestor of the new Soviet interceptor MiG- 25P, first flew in September 1964 but did not receive it for various reasons, acceptance of the military in the Soviet Union until 1970. So, finally after all tests have been successfully passed the first state copies of the original version of the MiG – 25P entered the formation accessories Air Defence Air Force at the beginning of 1973. New aircraft entrusted with the leading role in the defense of the Soviet airspace , their performances were in fact in theory allow the capture and destroy targets flying at high speed at a very high altitude . As Americans , at least temporarily , blows over to work on his novel prototype supersonic bomber, the X- 70B ” Valkyrie “, it looked so to the fact that heavy strategic bomber aircraft B- 58A , as well as ” Superfortresses ” B – 52J and B- 52G will still equipment form the basis of American Strategic Air Forces . During the mission interceptor MiG- 25P was designed to normally fire off a volley of the new method , namely, consisting of two missiles , one infrared homing R- 40T and one  beam R- 40R . Although it was a rather unusual tactic , but as it turned out , significantly increased the probability of shooting down . However, in this way, four -borne aircraft missiles allowed only two attacks , without any other options in the form of land use , which , moreover, the machine was originally free , or short-range missiles . So the new high-speed Soviet fighter , in fact, if he could seriously jeopardize the larger conflict of attacking the USSR American bomber formations and the threat of Western analysts have to be reckoned with. Or at least to time. On 6 September 1976 on his brand new machine MiG- 25P fled to Japan, the Soviet Union Soviet Air Force Lt. Viktor Belenko . Although the machine has been abducted, returned to the diplomatic pressure the Soviet authorities , but only after a careful examination of every detail by experts from the USAAF . A detailed review of the Americans allowed to reveal the secrets of most aircraft. Escape Belenki caused a drastic change in the assessment capabilities of the airplane . Western experts were simply surprised by his surprisingly simple , and in many ways literally archaic structure of the airframe, the obvious shortcomings as well as defined – ” siermiężnością .” Lieutenant Belenko He talked about a number of restrictions associated with both nonetheless quite primitive avionics , as well as some performance aircraft. among these were , inter alia, the speed limit to 2.5 Mach and combat radius of at a little over 340 km , mainly due to suspended under the wings of weapons that , contrary to appearances , meant high aerodynamic drag , I have installed on board a powerful integral fuel tanks. With two bullets in wing MiG- 25P reached the ceiling just 24,000 meters, and the same use of weapons is limited to 27,000 feet. Yet despite these disadvantages MiG- 25P ” Foxbat ” also had its strengths. Built according to typical Russian stringent requirements can maintain constant combat readiness and operate in all weather conditions . was extremely simple to maintain and operate and require much less specialized equipment and personnel than any plane close to the West . was adapted for use on trucks mounted equipment to carry out the automatic validation of the equipment after the flight. Due to the disclosure of the MiG – 25P significantly decreased the initial advantage and directly combat wymogło it to develop a new variety, known later as the MiG- 25PD (where D stands for ” Dorabotannyj ” – polished ) . She received a new weapon system and fire control . About these modifications , and subsequent versions of the development of this aircraft will write more later in this article. Of course, much truncated variants of the MiG – 25P and MiG – 25PD hit for export abroad . As far as I know, the aircraft is likely to formally operate a no country of the Warsaw Pact outside the Soviet Union , if not counting the number of Soviet units stationed in the satellite countries of the USSR , which were equipped with head equipment ( air regiments with MiG – 25PD stationed permanently such as in East Germany , but also in the Polish People’s Republic ) . When secrets MiG – 25P were finally dispelled after the betrayal of Lieutenant Belenki , immediately disappeared obstacle to their exports. On request ” allies ” in the Middle dog tags East has been developed based on the MiG – 25PD export fighter variant , also suitable for missiles R-60 , but less equipment differs from the older MiG – 25P – retains the older, originally mounted radiolocator RP- 25 Smiercz – A2 , but later installed radar warning systems and identification. As much depleted variant MiG – 25PD went to Algeria , Iraq, Libya and Syria. Each of these partners was probably at about 15-25 copies of this fighter aircraft . MiG – 25P was actively used by these foreign users and somehow ” passed a ” few notable aerial battles . 13 February 1981 Syrian MiG- 25P was surprised by Israeli F -15B in the hunt for a pair of RF- 4E reconnaissance . Later the same day, two F -15B provoked the hunt for a pair of Syrian MiG -21 machines themselves were dopadnięte by a pair of MiG -25. Taking the MiG -25 was in fact precipitated the losing end, but already the next syrian proved to be more conscious mind , because he managed to shoot down a second F-15 firing two missiles R -40 from a distance of almost 40 kilometers . Iraqis unfortunately the less fortunate , losing MiG – 25P during the war with Iran in the years 1980 to 1988 , long before the operation ” Desert Storm ” , which was destroyed most of the other machines. Jan. 20, 1991 , the beginning of operations , one of the Iraqi fighters MiG -25 ” Foxbat ” shot down belonging to the U.S. Navy aircraft F/A-18C ” Hornet ” , but the two other machines were the MiG -25 fighter aircraft F-15 . Some of them have been disposed of on the landing grounds . early post-war Iraq has lost 25 December 1992, another MiG -25 downed by a missile AIM- 7L ” Sparrow “, launched from an F -16C . Thus clash hinted above give much food for thought and allow you to verify the possibility of much fighting MiG – 25P . however , in truth, have also the fact that one of the likely causes of failures rather important Iraqi and Syrian MiG -25 is that the first variant of which were equipped air forces of these countries is heavily truncated previously mentioned export version . A second, both Iraqi pilots and Syrian at that time, saying gently did not represent the highest level of craftsmanship carrier. inexperienced because the Syrians came to face a seasoned pilots in numerous battles of Israel , many of whom have ” passed the ” Yom Kippur war , and some of them probably also remember the struggles activties of the Six Day War period . in this czsie Syrians basically just ended its air force formation . In turn, the Soviet Union , and soon the newly formed Russian Federation, in the early 90 ‘s career of the MiG -25 was coming to an end . Information that comes at this time to the West allowed for a more objective and comprehensive assessment of this , in fact, a remarkable machine , both as a fighter and reconnaissance aircraft . Modernization of the late seventies , as a result of which they were created versions MJG – 25PD and MiG – 25PDS , renewed the combat value of the aircraft and can be expected to remain in service at the beginning of the next millennium , though it is gradually being replaced by modern SU -27 ” Flanker ” and by his descendant – the MiG -31 ” Foxhound ” . Despite the small as the probability of the success of this day attack missiles R -40 MiG- 25PD is theoretically able to seriously threaten the still high lecącemu SR -71 , if all the conditions are favorable shot . Realistically, the MiG -25 can intercept SR -71 and continuous routine can effectively prevent the penetration of Russian airspace by aircraft USAAF . Unable to find a successor, the reconnaissance version of the aircraft , designated MiG- 25R and the like , are likely to remain for a long time even in a limited operation in the Russian Air Force. The best proof of the last version , marked, MiG- 25BM , is the rapid withdrawal of liquidated bases in East Germany and Poland China at the time of ordering Patku final solution structures of Warsaw. In many ways, the MiG- 25PD still remains a great unknown. Anyway, this fighter is certainly one of the most interesting and the most remarkable constructions air , even if only because it actually still distinctive variant of the MiG – 25RB is the fastest fighter plane n the world , able to reach up to a staggering speed 3200 km / h What is even more interesting , the MiG -25 came in handy as the largest space program has unfinished former Soviet Union. One of the planes M1G – 25RBK equipped with a completely revised served as a flying station -radio communications telemetry and testing program during the Russian space shuttle Buran .

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