MiG-25 Foxbat ( 4 )

November 21st, 2013
by andrzej

Development version

The above-mentioned unexpected defection of Lieutenant Victor Belenki or disclosure by the experts from the U.S. Air Force all the intricacies of jiffy – 25P significantly reduced the initial values of battle . Over time, the Russians themselves have realized the obvious imperfections plane and have a bit early planning some design changes . Anyway, this situation even require the necessary modernization of the machine. Therefore, it developed a new variety of MiG- 25PD with completely modified avionics and an arsenal of combat , as well as newer, more efficient powertrains . Radar Smiercz -A was replaced already shown in the specification , newer type N -005 Sapfir -25 , which constitutes , in fact, used in the development of radar fighter M1G – 23ML ” Flogger ” . Was N- 005 pulse Doppler radar with visible and guidance in the lower hemisphere aircraft and increased to about 11o km detection range . Radar supplemented with a new system to detect and track infrared TP- 26Sz – l , which can automatically locate and identify targets 45 km away . modernized the missiles R- 40R and R- 40T , installing new homing heads in two versions: dog tags  guided and infrared . obtained in this manner almost double their range of detection. New versions designated R- and R- 40RD 40TD . to improve flexibility and increase combat capabilities using the outer pair of R -40 can be replaced by four samonaprowadzającymi infrared short-range missiles R-60/R-60M ( in NATO code AA- 8 ” Aphid ” ) . MiG- 25PD was also new turbojet R- 15BD -300 . The difference obtained was not great , the modifications to the gearbox, especially aggregates . Since 1979 , aware of the weaknesses of the earlier MiG – 25P , it was an effort to modernize the machines that were still in service in linear units . Usually, any improvements made on the occasion of the general survey . The modification resulted in the introduction of a slight extension of the front part of the fuselage , install the N -005 radar Saphir -25 and TP- 26Sz termonamiernika -1 and modernization of engines to the standard R- 15BD -300 .  modified aircraft MiG- 25PDS designation. As you may have already mentioned above, of course, on request of some countries in the Middle East has been developed based on the MiG – 25PD also seriously depleted export variant fighter. Despite the fact that the MiG -25 ” Foxbat was initially conceived as a fast interceptor , they realized that the performance of such aircraft in flight speed should also check the machine exploratory , perhaps even serving a closeup . A prototype version of an exploratory E – 155R made its first flight March 6, 1964 year, which is interesting in the six months before the actual prototype fighter variants . That is how the MiG- 25R and its derivatives. I think that this particular variant is interesting enough that it is worth quite a separate page, which read as soon as it appears , of course , hot urge all concerned. Certainly unusual and extraordinary performance of the MiG – 25PD and MiG- 25R encourage the Soviet air force commanders and air defense to invent him more and more new jobs and bringing new requirements. One of them was the idea of using ” dwódziestkipiątki ” to a ” silencing ” defense . Oprowadziło to the creation of a prototype E – 155K , and the aircraft MiG- 25BM shock . Mikoyan Bureau has taken the effort to design an improved version of the MiG -25M -powered R- 15B -300, which, however, quite niespodziewania caused a lot of problems as a result of which this time did not pass the state tests . Apart from this , to the emergence of the early 80’s a better solution – a new interceptor MiG -31 ” Foxhound “, undermining the sense of the MiG project -25M , which after all , and so far inferior to his future successor. Below is the brief description of most of the known development versions of this aircraft : MiG- 25PU – Two-seat training version of NATO marked as ” Foxbat – C”. Like most all varieties of combat aircraft that were designed directly for operational training flight crew , the MiG – 25PU was devoid of most of the weapons and combat systems , including a radar . MiG- 25R , RB, RBW – A variety of exploratory MiG – 25P . Wider material for the development of this structure umieszciłem in a separate subpage . MiG -25M – Designed as the best of the existing variants of combat ” Foxbat ” with a slightly improved tracking system objectives and improved powertrain . For the new MiG -25M provides two new turbojet R- 15B -300 . Small redesign of an existing engine variant R- 15BF2 -300 allowed to achieve the appropriate 9800 N without afterburner and 12,970 N with afterburner . Two MiG – 25P was converted to a trial , the first of which has already flown 30 August 1973 year. MiG -25M was undoubtedly an improvement over the older version. However, production of motor R- 15BF2 -300 made ​​a lot of trouble . Other subsequent versions of the MiG -25 proved to be much more economical in fuel consumption and the MiG -25M , in principle, have to remain only in the prototype . During the design and the first flight test was used temporarily if an E – 266m , when the first M1G -25M was used to in the regulation of a series of new records and climb to the specified time limit . Built originally as a MiG- 25RB aircraft , flown by test pilots to change Fedotov and Ostapienkę , established May 17, 1975 , three new records until the climb. From 22 July 1977 Fedotov use the same aircraft for the establishment of a new world altitude record , reaching 31 August 1977 , the amount of 37,650 meters . However, the MiG -25M , despite the establishment of these record results certainly never entered service . Its construction has created difficulties of a technical nature , so the plane did not pass state tests . In fact, as I mentioned earlier , to accede to work on the project more advanced airframe – substitutes the future MiG -31 ” Foxhound ” (which is all it was very zbliżonegy to the MiG -25M , but it was fully adapted to its innovative self at that time avionics ) , undermining the sense of entry into service of the new version slowly starzejęcego is technically combat aircraft , which, as it turned out, represented properly in spite of everything a little more fighting qualities compared to its predecessor . MiG- 25BM – As I wrote in the previous paragraph , of this variation was determined rather unusual job as a fighter plane the class. Namely, BM variant was adapted to tasks involving the neutralization of enemy air defenses . This version , called NATO ” Foxbat -F” , was intended for a specific task ” paving the way ” for reconnaissance MiG – 25R and other such machines in heavily defended areas. For this type of mission MiG- 25BM is equipped with a very sophisticated , comprehensive and integrated system for electronic countermeasure and track targets a Jaguar . It can detect , locate , select and prioritize risks and identify areas for missile launching his own and other cooperating aircraft . MiG- 25BM takes four shots przeciwradarowe CH- 58U with a mean range from 25 to as much as 300 km . Produced about 100 copies of these war machines , providing them Frontowemu Air Force Air Force ( Frontowaja Awiacija Wojennyjo – Wzdusznych Forces ) units already consuming older MiG – 25RB , thereby forming one squadron of each regiment designed to suppress air defenses . These machines entered active duty in linear units is likely in 1988.

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