Military Order of VIRTUTI MILITARI

October 19th, 2013
by andrzej


Established on August 1, 1919

Established in 1772, reactivated the resolution of the Parliament. The award V – Grand Cross with Star – I class; – Commander’s Cross – Class II; – Knight’s Cross – Class III, – Golden Cross – IV class; – Silver Cross – Vklasa. Badge of the Order of the Cross completed balls on the corners of arms, the shoulders horizontal bearing the inscription: VIR-Tuti and the vertical arms: Mile-TARI. The arms of the front of the cross I, II, III class covered in black enamel with gilt border and on the back without enamel, gold-plated with a raised rim along the arms of the cross. In class IV, the cross is gilded on the obverse and reverse, and class V silver. Along the shoulder reverse class IV and V are located knurled bands. Subtitle I, II, III grade gold in the fourth and fifth with black enamel, like the edges of the front shoulder. ┬áIn the middle of the cross on the obverse in a gilded round shield is placed white enamelled eagle (gold crown and scepter and apple) in the rim, green enameled laurel wreath, in the center of the rear of the rim wheel rim tagiego┼╝ black enamel inscription: HONOR AND COUNTRY, and below Episode date: 1772. Cross class I and II is crowned by a gold royal crown. Cross of Military Virtue Medal, First Class is a silver star with a diameter of 100 mm, consisting of silver eight bundles of rays, and is superimposed on them obverse black enamelled badge of the Order with a diameter of 60 mm. except that the arms of the cross are no balls, and around the eagle on black enamel ring is an inscription with gold letters: HONOR AND COUNTRY. Ribbon of the Order of the first class of silk moire, 100 mm wide dark blue with black stripes width of 20 mm along the edges….



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