October 19th, 2013
by andrzej


Established on: February 27, 1922,

theEstablished by Resolution of the Sejm of Vilnius. Approved by the Interim Commission Ruling on 27th 03 1922 Medal of the cross (a bachelor) bits in bronze, size 43 x 43 mm, on the shoulders of the front of the cross sign and date: VILNIUS-9X-19XI-1920; laurel wreath between the arms, in the middle of the cross in the grip of an eagle holding a shield with the the coat of arms of Lithuania (Quest), the horizontal arms of the cross reverse inscription: LITHUANIA-cENTER, the vertical arms of the two swords, the center of the circular disc, between the arms of the cross as the awersie.Wstążka rim width 37 mm, green with seven yellow-red longitudinal stripes width 2 mm at intervals of 3 mm.

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